Barnet Schools' Dance Festival 2022
Barnet Dance Festival 2022
Hi Everyone 
Thank you all so much for your positive response and your commitment to keep this event alive. We are absolutely delighted to be able to go ahead with the Dance Festival just as planned on Monday 7 Tuesday 8 Wednesday 9 Thursday 10 and Friday 11 March. Performances on Monday and Tuesday will commence at 6pm and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will commence at 7pm.
Each performance will run for approximately 1hour 20 minutes without an interval.
In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, we have fewer schools performing each day, will keep schools separate whilst watching in the auditorium and will not 
have all performers on the stage together in a finale.​ Also, there are many areas throughout the building where you can sit as a school and we will have some dressing room spaces available throughout the day.
Please go to the website and check out the final performance dates and rehearsal schedules.
I have given each school extra rehearsal time as we don't need finale rehearsals. Instead of the finale, each school will enter and exit the stage separately to take their bow and applause. This will be explained later, but I promise it will be super simple but still give each dancer their special moment.
For those schools who have the earliest rehearsals and are located close to the Artsdepot, you may want to return to school and come back in time for the evening performance, before 5pm on Monday and Tuesday and before 6pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday . Those schools who are staying can enjoy watching the other schools rehearse and I think this is a major part of the whole experience. There are also parks and cafes locally that some schools like to visit. Please think carefully to plan your day.
Ticket information will be sent next week.
Please keep on with your rehearsals ...keep on dancing!
Any problems,please let me know ASAP.
Can't wait to be back at Artsdepot.

 Rehearsal times and performance information

Dance Festival Dates:

Monday        7 March 2022 Performance time 6pm
Tuesday       8 March 2022 Performance time 6pm
Wednesday  9 March 2022 Performance time 7pm
Thusday     10 March 2022 Performance time 7pm
Friday         11 March 2022 Performance time 7pm

Venue: artsdepot, 5 Nether Street, London N12 0GA

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