Barnet Schools' Dance Festival 2022
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On arrival at the theatre, make your way to the Pentland Theatre stalls entrance on level 3.


Arrive at least 15 minutes before your allocated time.


You may arrive as early as you like if you want to watch others perform.  It is good to give support to other performers and creates a good atmosphere.


You will be met at the stalls entrance and shown to your seats in the auditorium where you may watch the rehearsal.


Please ensure that all your dancers enter the theatre as quietly as possible.

When the children have been seated please go to the sound desk to hand in your usb flashdrive  and chat through any special requirements so that the technicians can make notes.

Please Bring a spare copy incase there is a fault on the original


Remain in your seats until you are called for your rehearsal.


The dancers will be taken back stage and will run through their dance, including introductions, entrances exits and the bow at the end of the show.


You do not have to rehearse in full costume.  However, please rehearse with any props, masks, etc.  If you wish to perform in costume, please come to the theatre already changed as no dressing rooms will be available until after the rehearsal.

If you are going back to school after rehearsal  remember to be back at Artsdepot one hour before curtain up

Strictly no eating in the auditorium.  Only plastic or reusable water bottles are allowed

Please bring packed food.  Food is available from the caf
é.  Staff will be able to get a nice cup of coffee!


There are lots of areas outside the auditorium where you can sit with your group to have a snack.  Some groups organise take away pizzas and others go out to McDonalds during the break.



Your music should be clearly labelled with the name of the school  

As part of your rehearsals, please practise entrances and exits.  Make sure that starting and finishing positions are clear.


If you have not recorded an intoduction:
When performers have taken up their starting positions, select a dancer or group of dancers to come forward and introduce your school.  Clear strong voices needed.  They will speak into a microphone.  They then move back to their starting positions for music to begin.


Thanks for all your hard work.

Anne Fisher


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