Barnet Schools' Dance Festival 2022
MONDAY 07 March 2022 Rehearsal Times
TUESDAY 08 March 2022 Rehearsal Times
WEDNESDAY 09 March 2022 Rehearsal Times
FRIDAY 11 March 2022 Rehearsal Times
THURSDAY 10 March 2022 Rehearsal Times
Schools are welcome to arrive at the Pentland Theatre anytime during the rehearsal period to watch the other schools perform, b
ut at least 15 minutes before your allocated rehearsal time.


Rehearsal Schedule

Thursday 10 March 2022


12.00noon.  Northside                  
12.20pm.      Manorside      
12.40pm.      Tudor           
1.00pm.        Underhill          
1.20pm.        OLOL        
1.40pm.        St. Theresa's
2.00pm.        Wessex Gardens

2.20pm.        Sacred Heart        
2.40pm.        Blessed Dominic             
3.00pm.        Goldstar Federation        
3.40pm.        Christ Church Primary                    
4.00pm.        Hendon
 (2 Pieces)      
Copthall (2 Pieces)

5.30pm - 7.00pm          
Return to dressing rooms for tea and 
performance preparation

7.00pm           Performance

8.30pm            Finish

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