Barnet Schools' Dance Festival 2022
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Festival Filming

Hi Everyone,


I have been in talks with Wizard Video Productions regarding the future plans for recording the Barnet Festival school videos.

With the decline in people having /wanting DVDs as a format, we have agreed that this year's festival performances will be made available

entirely online, in a downloadable video link.


Wizard will film every recording date/night in full, and we request that each participating school pay £100 towards the cost of the filming & editing.

So, a school with 20 performers can divide that £100 cost between them so they all can have access for £5 per head (or equivalent to the number of performers)


Each participating school that pays will be given a password protected link after the event, to an HD quality recording of their school performance.


To sign up and have access to this service, please fill in the form below.


Please noteschools who choose not to sign up for this service will be omitted from the recording edits, so are advised to contact parents/performers to pass on this information before making any decision.


Many thanks

Fill out my online form.

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