Barnet Schools' Dance Festival 2022
Dance Information Form (Wufoo)
Special note for Teachers to sign
Conditions of Entry
Application Form
Preparing an Introduction
Each school must prepare a spoken introduction to their dance before the Dance Festival and practise this to ensure it is informative and clear.
Please include:
  • The name of your school.
  • The title of your dance.
  • and information about the theme and choreographic process.

This can be done in two ways:

1.Spoken by a dancer or few dancers before the start of your dance into the microphone provided downstage left
2.You can prepare a short video clip of around 30 seconds that you should film in advance.

The video must be taken in landscape on either an iphone or an ipad. It will not work on any other device.
After editing your video save it in MP4 format.

How to deliver the video to us:

Deliver your intro saved on a USB with a label to the tech desk on the day of your performance. Make sure you have a copy!
   Beware of background noise when filming

Try not to record in the main school hall
as the quality will be disappointing
because of the  echo effect.

Here are some tips from a school who made a very successful film introduction.
I made a video intro on an iphone!
I filmed a few clips in the small hall and then put the clips onto iMovie video editor (Apple products only).
An easy free video editor for Windows is Windows Live Movie Maker.
In our school we pay for a video editing app called WeVideo.

Some tips:
·  Use a video editing app that you are comfortable with, e.g. iMovie, Windows movie maker, a school app. Mess around and make a test video first.
·  Film lots of clips for your video (not just one long take) and try to piece the best bits together so that it's slicker
·  Use music in the background to bring it to life and cover up poor-quality background noise. You can mute a video and then replace it with other audio
·  If the sound quality is poor or too quiet, there is always an option to boost or 'sharpen' the sound. Always play clips back to yourself and check the sound. Try to use a decent device for picture quality.
·  Use simple tricks like slow-motion/fast-forward, fade in/fade out, captions or just an opening title screen. 
·  Share anything that captures your school enjoying dance and the process of putting it together. Interview children or you can even just use their voices over a video clip,
I hope  this is helpful?  


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